Last week, our scouts participated in our family campout at the Zion National Park which and although it is sad that this national treasure has been closed for 6 days due to our recent government shutdown, I’d like to share something beautiful with you now.

During our campout, the scouts participated in a service project to help clean up a large open area that is situated in between the designated group campsites. It’s an area where pitching a tent or cooking is not allowed and is often neglected so it attracts trash and other unsightly and unsanitary materials which could detract from both the enjoyment and healthy use of the Zion group campground area.

You should be proud that your son(s) in true scout spirit (with a smile) left this area better than it was when they arrived — a true measure of what “leave no trace” is all about.

When the national parks re-open, visitors to the Zion group camping area will be treated with a cleaner more pleasing camp area as a result of your son(s) participation.

I have no idea what value the “average” American holds for our national parks but I do know this…our scouts (your son) truly appreciates and respects these treasures and will not only experience many more of them during his scouting career, will likely pass down his appreciation for our protected wilderness to his friends and family for a lifetime.

In the meantime, while our government figures out how to “get a clue”, we will continue to provide our scouts a rich outdoor experience and our community the benefit of their enthusiasm by visiting Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California State Parks and recreation areas and leaving them in better condition than when we arrived.

Brian ‘PR’ Williams,
Scoutmaster, Troop 770