Growing up, it can be difficult because we all want to “fit in.” I remember wanting to be accepted into the “cool kids” group and to be popular. Basically, I wanted to be “cool.” As I grew up, I realized that “fitting in” does not necessarily mean to be like other people. In fact, many of the most the well respected leaders of our time like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg and many others were just the opposite of being like other people the were extraordinary and very unique.

So, let’s be uniquely smart, uniquely ingenious, uniquely caring, uniquely creative and be ourselves to the best we can be and maybe, just maybe, we can positively influence the world around us just like the many unique leaders who have come before us.

One of the things we do in our Boy Scout Troop to be unique is we wear a leather bolo tie instead of the usual neckerchief and slide. Each time a Scout or Scouter attends a campout, service project or other Scouting event, they receive a unique bead for that event that is added to their bolo tie. We do this so that for years to come, the Scouts can look at their beads and talk about and remember the outings they represent. It’s also something that is unique to our troop and helps make our Scouts feel a sense of belonging to their troop.

Yours In Scouting,

Brian Williams, Scoutmaster
Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop 770