Monthly Boy Scout Outings

Lately I’ve been thinking about our policy/tradition of holding monthly campouts/outings. More specifically, why do we do this? I ask this question because last month we (based on my recommendation) opted to NOT have an overnight outing simply because I felt we were not prepared. That said, I am by no means a perfectionist when it comes to “being prepared.” In fact, I am more than willing to jump in my car with an empty pack and only a decent pair of shoes on my feet to head out for a weekend scramble up a mountainside I want to conquer. Sure, I’ll stop at a grocery store to put some water bottles and trail mix in my pack, but I do not need a lot of preparation to feel at home in the wilderness.

That said, as an adult advisor within a Scout troop, we do and should operate at a higher standard.

Here are three challenges I put forth to all Scout units regarding outings:

Give them a PURPOSE
Make them FUN

I’d like to challenge all the Senior Patrol Leaders and Scoutmasters listening to ensure each of your outings has a PURPOSE, is FUN and MEMORABLE.

Otherwise, why even have the outing in the first place?

With a little planning and imagination, we could all make a campout in our backyard have a purpose, be fun and memorable. So, let’s make a commitment that our monthly outings and campouts within our Scout units are held to the same standards? We invest 10 to 20 percent of our lives serving as Scout leaders. That’s right, 10 to 20 percent — think about it!

So, let’s work together to make our time and the experience for our boys have purpose, be fun and be memorable!

Let’s not settle for the “typical” or “routine.” Are you with me?


Brian ‘PR’ Williams
Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 770
Las Vegas, Nevada