Hello Prospective Boy Scout,

If you are looking to join Boy Scouts in Las Vegas, on behalf of the scouts and adult advisors for Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop 770, I have the honor to introduce you to our troop. Thank you for taking the time to read this as it will help you make the best choice whether you join our Boy Scout troop or another well run troop in the Las Vegas area.

Joining a Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop is a wonderful decision to make for both you and your family and this decision, like all important life decisions you will make in life, should be made with what I call “eyes wide open.” We are very proud of Boy Scout Troop 770 in Las Vegas, Nevada and welcome you and your family to check us out and be our guest our next weekly troop meeting. We also encourage you to check out other Boy Scout troops in Las Vegas, Nevada (especially our friends at Troop 912) so that you can make the very best decision for you as it is very likely that you will invest hundreds of days of your young adult life with the scouts and adult advisors that make up whichever Boy Scout troop you decide is the best fit for you.

Here are a few things you should know about Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop 770:

  1. We are a community troop. What this means is that our Scouts and adult advisors come from numerous religious, ethnic and social backgrounds. We are “a mixed bag of nuts.”
  2. We meet every Wednesday and camp out at least once every month. If you’ve got soccer games or music lessons every Wednesday night we would not be a good fit for you and would be happy to introduce you to Troop 912 which meets on Monday nights. On the other hand, if Wednesday’s are generally a good night for you to hang out with your fellow Scouts to plan your next outdoor adventure, come be our guest at our next troop meeting.
  3. We are a high adventure troop. Although we love to drive up in our car to our campsite, unload and set up camp for the weekend, we are prepared for and train for high adventure outings such as: rock climbing and rappelling, week long or more (70+ mile) backpack treks, whitewater rafting, canoe camping, snow camping, spelunking (cave exploration) and more. Although you are not required to attend high adventure outings, you’d feel left out in Troop 770 if you stayed at home playing Mine Craft while we’re scrambling up Mummy Mountain to camp overlooking the Las Vegas skyline next to the peak of Mt. Charleston.
  4. We expect you to participate and advance. Here’s the deal, in addition to excitement and thrill of our outings, you will be expected to attend weekly troop meetings and monthly camp outs if at all possible. Your participation is key to the life of Troop 770 and we are looking for you to become the leader who the next batch of new, young scouts can look up to and learn from.
  5. We are truly a “Boy Led Scout troop.”: You will hear me and the other adult leaders repeat over and over again, “Ask your SPL (Senior Patrol Leader). In fact, those same words are imprinted on the back of our cool Class B shirts. The SPL is the Boy Scout in our troop who runs the meetings and outings. Someday, you too can become the SPL for Troop 770.
  6. We look good. That’s right, we are a good looking troop and when in public show off our neat and clean Class A Boy Scout uniforms and are proud of it. Sure, when we’re sweating it out on the trail or while paddling a kayak down the Grand Canyon river gorge, we proudly wear our cool, moisture wicking Class B t-shirts, but in public and at formal scout meetings, we tuck in our Class A’s and look and act like proper Scouts.
  7. We are enthusiastic and have FUN! We all love being Scouts and Scouters–especially when doing service projects for our community and especially when our bodies say, “no, I can’t go over that mountain” and they do anyway because our enthusiastic minds convince our bodies otherwise. ┬áNot everything we do is easy, in fact some of it is down right hard, and working together as a team, we all end up having a great time and accomplish amazing physical and mental milestones.
  8. Finally, we are young troop. We were officially chartered by the Carnation Garden Club of Las Vegas in September 2013 which makes us one of the youngest Las Vegas Boy Scout troops. This has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, our youth leadership ranks are not completely filled with experienced Scouts yet. One advantage of being a young troop is that you get to play a major role in shaping how our troop develops and you have extra ordinary opportunities to take on necessary youth leadership roles such as patrol leader and senior patrol leader which could help towards your personal rank advancement and overall enjoyment of scouting.

So, we welcome you to check us out and hope that we are the best fit for you as you embark on your Boy Scout adventure. At the end of the day, it is YOUR CHOICE to choose the best Boy Scout Troop that suits YOUR needs and we will do our best to help you make your choice with Troop 770 or another local Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop.

If you are interested in attending our next troop meeting or being our guest on our next camp out, give me a call or send me an email and I’ll provide you with all the details.

Yours In Scouting,

Brian ‘PR’ Williams
Scoutmaster, Troop 770
Webelos Transition Chair, Bighorn District
Las Vegas, Nevada (Summerlin Area)
(702) 600-1470