Scouts and Scouters…
I want to take a moment to review what our Class A uniform is and why we wear it completely and neatly–especially during events and activities where we are seen in public.

I have worn a Scout uniform since I was 8 years old … which is a very long time ago. I still have my “8-year-old” uniform with all of it’s patches sewn on it which I’ll bring to a meeting some day so you can see what it looks like.

When we wear our uniform it shows everyone that we are Scouts and hold ourselves and our actions to a higher standard. We wear our uniforms neatly and completely to show each other and those around us that we belong to group of like minded people who do our best to make our community better and who take special care for each other, our environment and our community. Everyone knows that when they interact with a Scout (especially one in uniform) they are going to be served well and with a smile–even while doing hard work. So, while you are standing tall wearing your uniform, look for opportunities to serve not only your troops needs but the needs of others–even opposing teams.

Here’s what our Boy Scout Troop 770 uniform contains:

1. Uniform shirt buttoned up to the top with all appropriate patches sewn on correctly
2. Uniform belt
3. Uniform pants or shorts (if shorts, uniform socks should be worn)
4. Uniform neckerchief and slide (with neckerchief tucked underneath the shirt collar)
5. Uniform shirt tucked into uniform pants
6. Uniform hat (optional)
7. A BIG smile

Brian ‘PR’ Williams, Scoutmaster Troop 770
Las Vegas, Nevada